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Creativity in realty has a history as old as civilization when, at the dawn of humanity, mankind created shelters in stones and trees. Today, at Grihapravesh, we have applied this creativity to merge technology with aesthetics, science with art, and innovation with implementation in order to present a rare embodiment of the lofty ideals of how a home should be built.

Grihapravesh, with innovation at its centerstage, has considered Safety, Energy-saving, Technology, Ease of communication, Future-concern, Environmental-friendliness, and Social-status as its prime concern when it decided to create a living for you.

First and only project in NCR with IIT Bombay-approved quake resistant structure, First residential complex with DROD approved STP, First M2M compliant green building in India with coveted Gold rating, First with FTTH-4G installation for 1000 mbps internet support, First residential complex with futuristic electric car charging facility, fitted with solar power system and rain harvesting system, and screening based allotment system in order to ensure people of elegance as your next door neighbor - these distinctions earned by Grihapravesh will not only change the life of its residents but has already created new standards for the entire industry.

With an ineffably great team - young yet experienced, idea-centric yet implementer, erudite yet enterprising, and philosophical yet practical- Grihapravesh has carved a great abode for the people of sophistication. And, of course, it would not have been possible without the active participation of you - our most beloved patrons who own would be owing flats in this revolution called Grihapravesh.

Reminding you that every home must brim life; it must breathe; it must vibrate with eternal essence of the universe.

Sincerely yours
Abhay Kumar
Managing Director